NBFC 2022 Publication

7 POISON If you swallow, lick, or in some cases, breathe in the chemical, you could become very sick or die. DO NOT play with, touch, shake, eat or drink any of the things that have these symbols shown on them: EXPLOSIVE The container can explode if heated or punctured. Flying pieces of metal or plastic from the container can cause serious injury, especially to your eyes. CORROSIVE The product can burn your skin or eyes. If swallowed, it can damage your throat and stomach. FLAMMABLE The product or its fumes will catch fire easily if it is near heat, flames, or sparks. Rags used with this product may begin to burn on their own. HAZARD SYMBOL FRAMES: The shape of the frame around the hazard symbol tells you what part of the product is dangerous: The signal word(s) underneath the hazard symbol explain the degree of risk: Signal words: CAUTION means temporary injury may result. Death may occur with extreme exposure. DANGER means may cause temporary or permanent injury, or death. EXTREME DANGER means exposure to very low amounts may cause death or serious injury. If it's a triangle, it means the container is dangerous. If it's an octagon, it means the contents are dangerous.