NBFC 2022 Publication

61 (A) look (B) detectors (C) minutes (D) monthly (E) go (F) meeting (G) reach (H) smokey (I) drop (J) plan (K) face (L) smoke 1. If your clothes catch fire you should stop, ______ and roll. 2. Cool a burn for 10-15 ___________. 3. Test your smoke detector __________. 4. Crawl low under __________. 5. Matches and lighters should be stored out of the ________ of children. 6. _________ for EXITS when you enter a public building. 7. When the school fire alarm sounds you should stop what you are doing, listen for instructions, and _________ to your meeting place outside the building. 8. Play it safe, ________ your escape. 9. Smoke _________ save lives. 10. Your hands should cover your ________ when you stop, drop and roll. 11. In a _____________ area, cleaner air is near the ground. 12. A tree would be a good _________ place. Answers on page 140 Use The Words Below To Complete Each Sentence.