NBFC 2022 Publication

35 • Small children unable to escape can learn to open their windows and wave an article of clothing to attract attention. They can wait at the window until someone comes, and never hide from the fire. Discuss with a fire department official whether an escape ladder would be appropriate. • Sleep with doors closed. If children are frightened, parents can close doors after the children fall asleep and use a room monitor to hear them in the night. • If awakened by a smoke alarm or a fire, instruct family members to feel the door for heat and check air at bottom. If you don’t smell smoke and the air is cool, kneel and open the door slowly, turning your face away from the opening. If smoke is present or the door is hot, use another exit. • Have your parents purchase and learn how to use an A-B-C fire extinguisher. Remember “PASS”: PULL the pin, AIM the extinguisher, SQUEEZE or press the handle, SWEEP side to side at the base of the fire. (The rating is based on the fuel. A is a wood or paper fire; B is caused by flammable liquids; C is an electrical fire.) ...continued from page 33 www.fiprecan.ca