NBFC 2022 Publication

119 ...continued from page 117 yourteenmag.com 3. Know the basics of safe cooking. • Do not put aluminum foil or any metal in the microwave. • Always monitor cooking. (This includes the microwave!) • Turn handles of pots inward so they won’t get tipped over. • Don’t wear long, loose sleeves while cooking. • Keep dish towels, paper towels and oven mitts away from stove burners. • Be careful with boiling liquids that can splash back on you. 4. Know what to do if a kitchen fire occurs. • Never put water on a grease fire.The fire can spread quickly. • If the fire in the oven, leave the oven door closed and turn off the heat. Opening the door feeds the fire. • If a fire occurs on the stove top, turn off the burners. Cover the fire with a lid, if possible, to extinguish the fire. • If a fire can’t be contained, call 911 first, then use the appropriate fire extinguisher, if possible. • If you cannot safely extinguish the fire, evacuate everyone from the house immediately and wait outside for the fire department.